Field Location

On Tuesdays and Saturdays (4:30 PM until sunset) we have an open pick-up game on the CMU Rugby Field.

The field is right behind the CMU (Chiang Mai University) main entrance”Naa-Mor” on the left hand side.

CMU Rugby Field - Chiang Mai University

The CMU main entrance is the one on Huay Kaew Road (the road that goes from the north-west corner of the old city moat direction further north-west to the Chiang Mai Zoo).

CMU Rugby Field on Google Maps

How to get there?

With a motorcycle from the old city it takes about 10-20 minutes, depending on traffic and the red lights at Maya Mall (lol).

You can also take a “Song-Thaew” or “Red Car” – these are kind of “share taxi vehicles” like a pick-up truck with a roof and they’re red. You can stop them whenever they pass by. The price depends on the distance, usually about 20-40 Baht per person. Check the price with the driver BEFORE you hop in!

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